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My Boring Day n Life.....

Yea so today wuz THE most boringest day ever! i sat around doing absolutely nothing! argh god i think i mite have gone temporarily insane. lol anywayz. i sat around the house all day not doing anything cuz no one wuz home! i wanted ta go ta sarah'z buh noooooooooo no one wuz home we all gotz ta take care of my bro while hez home. big fuckin whoop! like i give a fuck! o wowowowowowow he ish in college. he ish sum perfect kid now! yea my ass! well w/e

i wuz LONELY all dat today. no one wuz home n i couldnt go newhere n no one luved meh at alL! im so sad now. well w/e ive gotten used ta bein ignored n forgotten n betrayed n ditched n everythin elze that all my so called "friendz" do ta meh EVERY FUCKIN DAY OF MY LIFE! well w/e only a SELECT FEW really luv meh. there are so little few that i can count all of em on ONE HAND! god thaz not very many. ok so w/e enough complainin!

So today wuz a waste of my time. the only thing good about this day ish that Notre Dame ish playin rite now. i kno i kno i am SSOOOOOOOOOO bad for not watchin buh it ish half time so yea i came here to the comp to waste away a lotta my rain cellz! w00 this ish soooo much fun! man im fuckin tired! i woke up at like 1140 cuz my mommy wanted meh ta help her make lunch. *yuck* turkey soup. god i hate this time of year. ya kno the month or 2 where all u eat ish turkey? yea so i have ahd turkey 5 timez in the last 3 dayz! *yarg!* *cough* *cough* i think im dying from tooo much turkey! *cough* *cough* lol newayz. i think that we all should adopt a turkey from www.tofurky.com! that would be sooooooo kewl! yea n me n erica are gonna adopt one n we ish gonna name it Billie Bob! w00 we rock! lol

yea so im here sittin in front of the comp listenin ta depressing music. this ish o so fun. im wantin ta go sleepovr at sarah'z buh nooooooooooo my mom hasta have this gay ass "big family breakfast" tomorw before mybro leaves for college again. i think its pretty gay cuz i kno he wont give a fuck either way n no one else does buh my mommy. she ish a lil weird like that. hehe anywayz yea so ima done. payce peoplez! laterz

*~* wit an X n an O im out like WOAH! *mwuah* luv ya! *~*
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