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::.*JoHaNNa*.::'s Journal

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Monday, December 2nd, 2002
4:53 pm - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh................
BRR! it ish soooooooo kold outside! i wuz walkin home wit Jacobie n we had so much fun. then nathan n gladys n her lil siz n her b/f came up behind us. n they were puttin snow down Jacobie'z jacket. he wuz all red n shiverin. i felt bad. n i wanted ta keep him warm buh yeah itsh kinda weird cuz ive known him since kindergarten. well w/e *sigh*

ARGH! i have so much homework n as im walkin ta mah houz i see tha, since it snoweded!!!!! taday i hada shovel. argh! mah back pack wuz heavy so i hada deal wit tha n i finally took it off. hehe im NOT the britezt person eva, evn thou i ish in SWAS......... so yea. n i got really kold frm tha n i wuz FREEZIN!!!!!!!!!! so i get in the houz make HOT CHOCO! w00 n turn the thermostat up ta like 80! lol yea so itsh lik ima in a sauna! w00 so anyhoo!

BLAH! homework sux. xpecialy when ya gotz ta study for a tezt n do makeup work cuz of sectionalz n shit like that. so yea i gotz a LOT of homework. buh ima procraztanator! soo w00 ill leeve it til laterz! ive got piano lezzonz tanite n i really dun wanna go buh hey mah mom won lemme quit. argh! *mumblez....swearz....smitez....and so on*

yea so ima funna go update mah othr journalz n mah subprofile. so laterz!

*~*wit an X n an O im out like WOAH!! *mwuah**mwuah**mwuah* ~Luv n Laterz~ *~*

current mood: blah
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Sunday, December 1st, 2002
9:15 pm
What sexy girl are you

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yea so i am funna keep takin theze quzzie thingiez cuz it seemz like EVRYONE ish takin em n puttin em in their journalz. so ima funna hop on the BANDWAGON! w00 thiz bandwagon sure ish hella fun! haha yea so newayz. knock ur sox off n take the quzziez!

newayz so tonite wuz REALLY borin n a wazte of mah PRECIOUS time. yea ok w/e so i like JUZ found out that we had math homework n sum othr shit. i wuz like HOLY SHIT really? so yea. buh im not funna go do it now. hell no! ima procrstanator!!!! ill do it tonite at like 1 when ima still up. lol yea so newayz i dont see ne point in doin homework. itz juz a wazt of tim n a bunch of bullshit! so yea. i hate homework n could care less whether it getz done or not. i eventually turn it in so yea. im TOO smart fer homework so why i gotz ta do it? argh well whatever. i think homework ish juz shit the teacherz give ta uz juz so they can get payed for doin their job n teachin us sum shitty shit shit tha we don wanna learn!!!! yea so down wit homework!

*~*startz chantin*~* down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework!down wit homework! down wit homework! down wit homework! down wit homework! *~* chanting beginz ta fade out*~*

ok so yea. im done wit the chantin n evrythin now. laterz peoplez!

*~* wit an X n an O im out like WOAH!!! *mwuah*mwuah*mwuah* ~*Luv n Laterz!*~ *~*

current mood: silly
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8:43 pm
What Monty Python Holy Grail Quest Character are You?

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OMFG this movie kix ASS! i luv it. this n Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!

*~*lets do the time warp again! lets do the time warp again! its just a jump to the left. n then a step to the rite. put ur hand s on ur hips. n bring ur kneez in tite! but its the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane. lets do the time warp again! lets do the time warp again!*~*

sorry hada do it! lol newayz. im lookin for a RHPS n a Holy Grail community. i fi cant find ne, n people want one. lemme kno cuz then we could start one togetha or w/e kk? laterz!

current mood: hyper
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7:13 pm - It'z Fuckin COLD! ahhhhhhhh
yea so today wuz very COLD! argh i hada get up at like 7 ta go ta sum church thing. oh yea mass or whatever the hell it ish called. god my mom wakez up to early. so we went n then we came bak n i went bak ta bed n my mom wuz makin breakfast. then she got pissed at mah dad. nuttin lik a fite in the mornin ta wake ya up n get ya all happy n ready for the day. w00 soundz like a whole hell of a lotta fun! w00 yea rite my ass. so then my dad took bak my computer shit *sigh* no computer in my room now *sigh* n he bought meh mr minz for mah cell! w00 yayish lol newayz so that wuz mah mornin pretty typical of each mornin. ehh i get used to it. yea so then i sat around n my bro went back ta college, othr bro went off ta work n left meh n mah mom at home. she wuz makin gingerbread houzez n i hada help *argh* n then i went online n i WUZ funna go ta sarahz buh nooooooooo i hada help mah mom sum mor so then i wuznt funna leeve till 445ish n here it getz dark between 430 n 5 so i hada lil tim before it got dark n then mah mom ish like naw i dun wan ya walkin while it ish gettin dark. so after bitchin at her for about 15 min shez like ok go put an away messafe on AIM cuz we ish funna walk down ta burger king ta get dinnah. im like WTF?!?!?!?! that ish even farther than sarah'z! OMFG ya piss me off! i wuz yellin at her. i mean i feel bad buh i mean i dun wan sarah ta think i don like her. i alwayz seem ta cancel on her or not be able ta cum n i feel realyyyyy bad n shit. so yea. oh well it ish ovr n i said i wuz sry buh she wuz bein the bitch so w/e

tomorw ish funna be kewlish! meh n liza r funna walk ta eastview n we ish funna go watch the basketball game cuz thiz cutie i kno wanted meh ta cum to the game. w00 we funna have fun. i guezz it don matter if it ish cold or w/e tomorw i mean it wuz snowin yesterday n it wuz only like 28 taday n shit so yea. well w/e liza n i will keep each othr warm lol *~*LARz*~* hehe. yea so w/e

yea so ima funna go talk ta all the louvin peoplz who wanna talk ta meh! Laterz!

*~*wit an X n an O im out lik WOAH!!!! *mwuah**mwuah* Luv n Laterz*~*

current mood: excited
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Saturday, November 30th, 2002
9:16 pm - My Boring Day n Life.....
Yea so today wuz THE most boringest day ever! i sat around doing absolutely nothing! argh god i think i mite have gone temporarily insane. lol anywayz. i sat around the house all day not doing anything cuz no one wuz home! i wanted ta go ta sarah'z buh noooooooooo no one wuz home we all gotz ta take care of my bro while hez home. big fuckin whoop! like i give a fuck! o wowowowowowow he ish in college. he ish sum perfect kid now! yea my ass! well w/e

i wuz LONELY all dat today. no one wuz home n i couldnt go newhere n no one luved meh at alL! im so sad now. well w/e ive gotten used ta bein ignored n forgotten n betrayed n ditched n everythin elze that all my so called "friendz" do ta meh EVERY FUCKIN DAY OF MY LIFE! well w/e only a SELECT FEW really luv meh. there are so little few that i can count all of em on ONE HAND! god thaz not very many. ok so w/e enough complainin!

So today wuz a waste of my time. the only thing good about this day ish that Notre Dame ish playin rite now. i kno i kno i am SSOOOOOOOOOO bad for not watchin buh it ish half time so yea i came here to the comp to waste away a lotta my rain cellz! w00 this ish soooo much fun! man im fuckin tired! i woke up at like 1140 cuz my mommy wanted meh ta help her make lunch. *yuck* turkey soup. god i hate this time of year. ya kno the month or 2 where all u eat ish turkey? yea so i have ahd turkey 5 timez in the last 3 dayz! *yarg!* *cough* *cough* i think im dying from tooo much turkey! *cough* *cough* lol newayz. i think that we all should adopt a turkey from www.tofurky.com! that would be sooooooo kewl! yea n me n erica are gonna adopt one n we ish gonna name it Billie Bob! w00 we rock! lol

yea so im here sittin in front of the comp listenin ta depressing music. this ish o so fun. im wantin ta go sleepovr at sarah'z buh nooooooooooo my mom hasta have this gay ass "big family breakfast" tomorw before mybro leaves for college again. i think its pretty gay cuz i kno he wont give a fuck either way n no one else does buh my mommy. she ish a lil weird like that. hehe anywayz yea so ima done. payce peoplez! laterz

*~* wit an X n an O im out like WOAH! *mwuah* luv ya! *~*

current mood: lonely
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6:13 pm
weeeeeeeeee. i hope u like ur journal johanna.

current mood: accomplished
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