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joziez's Journal

23 October
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12 stones, 7up, aim, altoids, anti-avril, anybody killa, anything pink, bagels, baggy pants, balled chains, bass, beads, being hyper, blaze ya dead homie, blink 182, blyss, bowling for soup, box car racers, bracelets, caffiene, caffiene pants, candy, cartoons, cds, cell phones, cherries, christina aguilera, cinderella, coal chamber, coloring, cuddling, dark lotus, darkness, disney movies, disturbed, fear factory, flicking people off, freaker guys, freakers, freaks, friends, frogs, glassjaw, glitter, glitter lipgloss, good charlotte, goths, greenday, guinea pigs, guitars, guys, hair dye, hamsters, hello kitty, hoodies, hot chocolate, hottopic, hugs, iced animal cookies, icons, icp, jack off jill, juggalos, kandee kids, kazaa, kicking people, kik wear, kittie, kitties, korn, layouts, lighters, linkin park, lipgloss, little mermaid, lizards, lj, lounge pants, mad tv, making bracelets, making out, malls, mindless self indulgence, mints, monoxide child, monty python's flying circus, moulin rouge, mtv, mtv2, mudvayne, murderdolls, mushroomhead, music, mxpx, new found glory, night, nofx, nrage hair colour spray, paper clips, patches, pepsi, pillows, popsicles, profiles, puddle of mudd, punks, puppies, ravers, rocky horror picture show, rootbeer, rufio, shopping, sleeping, slipknot, snl, something corporate, spiked bracelets, sprite, staind, stars, static-x, stickers, strawberries, studded bracelets, sugar, sugar cult, switched, system of a down, taking back sunday, talena atfeild, taproot, tech n9ne, teddy bears, the colour black, the colour pink, the get up kids, the nightmare before christmas, the osbournes, the vines, thongs, throwing things at people, toothbrush bracelets, trust company, twiztid, uj, undressed, unwritten law, vision of disorder, wednesday 13, winamp